Lab Machine & Equipment

Our company is the leading manufacturer of Aeronautics Lab Equipment, Automobile Lab Equipment, Electronics Lab Equipment and many more. These products are available at leading market prices. In addition to this, these require least amount of maintenance.

Dynamic Lab Equipments

Thermal Engineering Equipments

Heat Transfer Lab Equipments

Metrology Lab Equipments

MicrometerGet Quotation


Profile ProjectorGet Quotation

Profile Projector

Dial GaugeGet Quotation

Dial Gauge

Strain GaugeGet Quotation

Strain Gauge

Telescopic GaugeGet Quotation

Telescopic Gauge

Hydraulic and Fluid Machinery Lab

Cavitation Test RigGet Quotation

Cavitation Test Rig

Electrical AnalogueGet Quotation

Electrical Analogue

Reynolds ApparatusGet Quotation

Reynolds Apparatus

Strength of Material Lab Equipments

Boiler Models

Mechatronics Lab Equipments

Instrumentation Lab

Metallurgy Lab Equipments

NDT Lab Equipments

Aeronautical Lab Equipment

Wind TunnelGet Quotation

Wind Tunnel

Automobile Lab Equipments


Electrical Hot PlateGet Quotation

Electrical Hot Plate

Water StillGet Quotation

Water Still

Water BathGet Quotation

Water Bath

Muffle FurnaceGet Quotation

Muffle Furnace

Humidity ChamberGet Quotation

Humidity Chamber

Soil Mechanics Lab Equipments

Cylindrical MouldsGet Quotation

Cylindrical Moulds

Gauging TrowelGet Quotation

Gauging Trowel

Concrete Highway Engineering Lab

Concrete Cube MouldsGet Quotation

Concrete Cube Moulds

Beam MouldGet Quotation

Beam Mould

Le Chatelier MouldGet Quotation

Le Chatelier Mould

Survey Lab

Survey CompassGet Quotation

Survey Compass

Plane TableGet Quotation

Plane Table

Prismatic CompassGet Quotation

Prismatic Compass

Leveling StaffGet Quotation

Leveling Staff

Ranging RodGet Quotation

Ranging Rod

Environmental Lab

Oven (Universal)Get Quotation

Oven (Universal)

Muffle FurnaceGet Quotation

Muffle Furnace

Digital PH MeterGet Quotation

Digital PH Meter

Digital TDS MeterGet Quotation

Digital TDS Meter

Coordinate Measuring Machine

Gear Shaping Machine

Gear Shaping MachineGet Quotation

Gear Shaping Machine

Strain Gauge Product

Strain GaugeGet Quotation

Strain Gauge

Strain GaugeGet Quotation

Strain Gauge

Strain / Force RingsGet Quotation

Strain / Force Rings

Strain GaugeGet Quotation

Strain Gauge

Metal Forming Lab

Hydraulic PressGet Quotation

Hydraulic Press

Two High Roll MillGet Quotation

Two High Roll Mill

Foundry Sand Testing Lab

Rapid Moisture MeterGet Quotation

Rapid Moisture Meter

Chemical Reaction Lab Instruments

Mass Transfer Lab

Rotary DryerGet Quotation

Rotary Dryer

Cut Sectional Working Engine Model

Fuel Testing Lab

Orsat ApparatusGet Quotation

Orsat Apparatus

Redwood ViscometerGet Quotation

Redwood Viscometer

Engineering Models

Two Storied BulindingGet Quotation

Two Storied Bulinding

Raking shoreGet Quotation

Raking shore

Winch CraGet Quotation

Winch Cra

Metal Ore & Minerals

Brass AshGet Quotation

Brass Ash

Copper MudGet Quotation

Copper Mud

Copper AshGet Quotation

Copper Ash

Zinc AshGet Quotation

Zinc Ash

Petrochemical Engineering Equipments

Batch CrystallizerGet Quotation

Batch Crystallizer

Metrology Lab Equipment

Force Measuring SetupGet Quotation

Force Measuring Setup

Bore GaugeGet Quotation

Bore Gauge

Applied Mechanics and Structural Laboratory Equipm

Solar Power Plants

Solar PanelGet Quotation

Solar Panel

Civil Surveying Instruments

New Items

AutocollimatorGet Quotation


Bell Crank LeverGet Quotation

Bell Crank Lever

Bridge MoudlenewGet Quotation

Bridge Moudlenew

Cantilever BeamGet Quotation

Cantilever Beam